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Could it be that our personalities are simply contradictory, and that in that they are complete and unique? To feel spectacular moments of joy, and then be swamped by pain and suffering…which side makes you? One purposefully distracts themselves when they can no longer survive the rock bottom. If better feelings arise, are they valid? Are they true? Or are we all just worry and guilt? We could be both; a contradiction in ourselves. The idea is comforting. We can feel, act, think, and be many different things, yet it is all tied together at our soul. Things spiral out from there but it’s all connected at the core; the limitless fountain. It’s truly inspiring what humans have to offer each other, and how one person you come in contact with -completely by fate- can forever change your life. We are all different, but we are all made from the same stuff, the universe. People have the capacity to understand things deep down in their soul, but often our minds inhibit us from realizing that we do. However, certain individuals cross paths who are on the page in terms of philosophy and psychology. Here lies the chance for validation, comfort, and growth. Through sharing our stories we all gain something from each other. The way artists use paint, or a musician their instruments, or an actor the text, we are all one-of-a-kind vehicles for expression. We can share and enjoy our otherness, and even collaborate and inspire. That is the beauty of the art of life.
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